Since I Can Remember

 I have always been and felt hyper. My brain always feels like it's in overdrive. Was the child that people would scream at to SIT STILL!!! I could never sit still and sadly still can't. I have to keep moving I don't have a choice the more I try to sit still the more I move so I have learned to love it!!! The biggest plus is I don't get as tired as most people who can sit still for hours, lol

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36-40, F
1 Response Mar 11, 2009

I'm hyper too. People used to make me feel ABNORMAL, so I went to a doctor for that and he gave me pills that basically slowed down my heartbeat. I was high on that stuff I didn't like it.<br />
That was three years ago. I'm 25 now and I love myself. I embraced the person I am and I'm so happy alhamdulillah. <br />
So all I can say is be yourself. Don't listen to stupid rules like hyper is abnormal and quiet and boring is normal. <br />
and remember "It's better to be a freak than to be a clone."