It Really Gets In the Way At Times.

I have always been hyper and it gets in the way at times. My mother use to say, "God Ashley just go take a sleeping pill or something". That always hurt my feelings. After hearing it so many times i started taking Loratabs and Morphine. I got addicted to them extremely fast. At school i would be able to do all my work without getting bored. But i would have major mood swings. I would go off on everyone. All my best friends were always on some type of drug too so they really didn't get affected by my attitude but i would always get in trouble in class for being a smart ***. I ended up overdosing on them after taking 5 loratabs and 7 morphine. I had to go to the hospital and have my stomach pumped. After that i quit taking loratabs and just took morphine. I overdosed on that at school and had to go back to the hospital. That time they put me in Rehab. But to get to the point if you are hyper don't let what anyone says to you about if effect you.

ashleynicholebby ashleynicholebby
13-15, F
Mar 20, 2009