I Want To Get There

Hey everyone, ive written a couple of stories about my battles with aniexty, depression and depersonalization. It's still tough and then i have days like today were im going to fix it, and i know im on the wave now so ive got to roll with it. My last attempt at doing this i went a few months feeling happy and things like that, then i had a bit of a bump, well it wasnt a bit of a bump it was a massive bump. Well for some reason i feel like writting, i used to and that how i got to my good place last time. I dealt with alot of things, it was scary and liberating and not as bad as i thought. However my fear is that my fear is in layers and i took off the first one and now im on to something deeper i think about writting alot but i hold myself back because im scared of what i'll find inside of me. I know it wont be that bad, but the aniexty, depression and depersonalization hold me back. I know i've got to just hold my breath and dive into this. I knew when i decided to take on the project of me that i would be a hard battle i knew there would be set back and i knew there would be hard days and good days till the good days started to out weigh the bad ones. I know i can do it, i just have to believe in myself.

Thank you for reading- if anyone has any tips or suggestions on how they over came there person problems please let me know, im in the process of collecting data. Thank you again.

Ziggywahwah Ziggywahwah
Apr 26, 2010