Canadiangal18: 18/f/ontario/broken-heart.

What started off as a bit of fun for someone who was seriously lonely turned into something that was totally unexpected that has completely changed my life.

About a year and a half ago I got out of a relationship that turned me into a person that not only my friends and family disliked, but myself as well. It was a relief but it was also an extremely lonely time for me. I was frustrated at my romantic situation and what else could I do but turn to a no-strings-attached place for a quick ego-boost... ICQ haha. Logging on as "CanadianGal18", I instantly got a hand full of hellos and "asl's". I talked to my fair share of perverts and weirdos before a certain Guest130201 caught my eye with, "Hey, I'm blonde hair, blue eyes, 6'6"...6'6 come on, that's abnormally tall. Well, turns out he wasn't kidding as I would find out 4 months later, in person. What I loved most was that we knew absolutely everything about each other before we even met. He fell in love with ME first and it was beautiful. The funny thing is, we're both super-shy and there's no way in hell either of us would of approached each other under normal circumstances anyways haha.

Oh yeah, did I mention I live in Ontario, and he lives in Ohio? At the time I was thinking that I must have the worst luck in the world but a year and a half later and we're still going strong.

My story just goes to show that you'll never know where you'll stumble upon love. In no way am I promoting you to go trolling online for your Prince Charming, but don't worry about looking for him. He'll find you!

I'm still living in Ontario and he's still in Ohio, but we've got an awesome routine going. I absolutely love his family and he's met most of mine. But in the end, I think we are just two amazingly lucky individuals. Girls, don't lose hope!For every jerk, there's a hand-full of good guys to make them look bad!

The best advice I can give to get over a broken heart: Taylor Swift on repeat, a sister/bestfriend to join in making fun of your loser-ex boyfriend, and that good-guy you'll find sooner than you think <3.
Jubes29 Jubes29
18-21, F
Aug 6, 2010