Hear My Cry

My Name is Reuben , I was born in Wurzburg, Germany January 1980 in a hospital named American Hospital. Because my father was in the U.S. Army and my mom was out there with him. Once I was 4 months old I returned to America with my mother but travelled on her passport (first entered the U.S. March 1980 as a what?).Then in 1982 we went back to Germany but I couldn’t fly on my mom’s passport so they made her go to the Jamaican Embassy in New York and have her apply for a passport for me and that’s how I ended up with that Jamaican passport which expired never to be renewed again. My little brother was born in Germany also before we returned to The U.S. in 1985 when my dad’s duty was finished, never to return back to Germany since. Growing up in America I got in trouble for drug related charge pleaded guilty (not knowing it would result in my removal) and was sentenced to 18 months-5yrs. After serving more than my minimum sentenced I was given parole, and normally if an inmate has a detainer they can’t get parole, but I was… only later t be locked up in an immigration jail and told I was up for deportation. I attempted to fight by filing a N-600 to derive citizenship through my parents only to be denied I also try to state that if I was born on a U.S. Military base then I should be a citizen but they denied me that also and in the process I found out from Germany that because neither one of my parents are German, a child born on German soil has to have at least one parent to be German in order for the child to be that. At my time of birth both of my parents were still Jamaican citizen even though they were still U.S. Green card holders (I entered the U.S. Legally also)
Well, in the process of the fight I couldn’t take the mandatory imprisonment, no bond, and then to see my peer s that have been in there for 5 yrs plus and still end up losing and being sent away to their home….the treatment was also horrible because to be an American all my life since a child and then to be treated as if I was an illegal immigrant….it was horrible so I gave up just to be free from their prison.
The Judge gave me my final order and travel documents were requested from Germany, which is when they informed me of the law in Germany when it comes to being born there like I was. They also informed me that I was actually stateless and that the U.S. has 180 days from the time of my final order of removal or they would have to release me, so then they requested travel documents from Jamaica.
While waiting to hear from Jamaica about the documents I was called out of my cell to have a telephone interview with the Jamaican Consulate in Miami his Name was Mr. Carter. I told him where I was born, let him know I never been to Jamaica and that my parents were from there but they both migrated to The U.S. when they were just children. I also told him I have no family down there and he told me to relax because Jamaica won’t give me documents but stated he would like to interview my parents, so I gave him my mother and father’s info and let each of them know to be expecting a call(their divorced)
Nobody ever got contacted from Mr. Carter, so my mother started calling his office daily, never to get him but left numerous messages….in this process my family contacted someone close to them that works with Jamaica’s immigration and that person was actually waiting for my papers to make sure its pointed out that I’m not from there and stop them from granting the documents and they said they never seen my name come up)..there’s like less than 14 days before the 180 days and I’m awakened and told to pack my things, and two days later I’m in Jamaica…
Once I landed in Kingston on January 27, 2007 I was taken off the U.S. Marshal Plane and unshackled, put on a bus and sent to some little church with the police and immigration to be processed I was asked where I was born, I told them Wurzburg, Germany and they stared at me in disbelief and asked again only to get the same answer. They told me I was born in Lucea Hanover Township in October 1957….
Then they showed me the document I came down on, which had my dad’s birthplace and date with my name and photo and this travel document was stamped and signed by Jamaican Consulate (Mr. Carter in Miami). I was then held in the jail out here (wake up call) for 6 days because they needed more proof that my parents were really Jamaican. My mother called the Jamaican Consulate in Miami (Mr. Carter) everyday only to get the secretary everytime telling her he’s not in….so she start cussing one day and they released me and took me to the immigration office and told me to apply for a passport because I’m from nowhere and I can’t leave Jamaica unless I have one. (And that’s the only reason why I am a Jamaican citizen now for real)
It’s been almost 4 years and this whole thing has taken a real toll on me. I’m stressed, depressed, at most times and I’m sorry to say, but I’ve contemplated suicide numerous times since I’ve been here and I never contemplated this before…the culture shock not nice at all, it feels like everybody thinks I think I’m better than them…only because they see I’m different(but they love to prove I’m a deportee. I never left here to be sent back though dummies) and most think I’m trying to act American because I can’t speak the pat-wah to blend in with people so I be myself, it seems to turn off most. I feel totally alone all the time, I’m sometimes label prey because people think I got money or that I got ties in America that give me money and it’s not like that. The financial strain that I’ve been on my mother put her in bigger financial problems. It’s almost impossible for me to fit into this society as a regular citizen. I lost everything that I had, but everything that I had was my family. I don’t got anything, not even family here in Jamaica. What they did was wrong sending me down here on false documents....
I really want to be back with my family and to the country I was raised in since I learned to walk and talk, where I pledged allegiance and saluted that American flag and sang my country tis of thee’ since kindergarten….everything I learned I learned it there in America!!! What could I have really learned in Germany from the ages of 1 - 4???? Plus, I lived on a huge U.S. Military Base with a bunch of American families, wasn’t nothing German about it unless you leave the base and I don’t think we did that much……..So How is it they couldn’t defend my citizenship from birth, the U.S. that is???
I’ve been in their Hands since birth….LEGALLY so why did they put me out Illegally, Literally!!!
Please if anyone can help or offer assistance from their heart (because I don’t have funds now) it would be greatly appreciated and you will be compensated
Journalist’s -TV & Radio producers- Lawyers-or anybody who can be of assistance-
I can be contacted by E-mail @ simpson_ru@yahoo.com and I will respond in a timely fashion because this is my life and it’s important to me thank you to all who took the time to read my story and hear my cry………………………………………….Reuben Simpson
3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

I had the pleasure of meeting you on a recent trip to Jamaica. I am praying for you, and have not forgotton you. I know that your struggling and feel pretty helpless now, but, I have faith that things will be resolved and you will be able to return home, to the U.S., where u belong. Keep telling your story, to anyone that will listen, eventually the right person will hear it. <br />

reuben i feel terrible about you situation the americans and even us as jamaicans violated your rights. i watched your documentary the other night so i know most of the story, you may have went the wrong way but everyone slips up every now and again but you are not a criminal. i also feel that your parents should have ensured that you have your citizenship once you got back from germany iinstead of assuming that you would get it off them. I will pray for you reuben be strong dont give up now...................... you are an american and you will be with your family again

i sympathize with you Reuben, I watched your documentary on TVJ last night and it touched me so much that i had to look up more. Please stay strong, one day your victory will come and i am really sorry that some of us as Jamaicans have ridiculed you. Stay strong