Tuning The Strings

Sometimes we are as untuned guitars. It is during these times that we walk around, but only outside of ourselves, not wanting to face what's going on in our hearts. Nothing makes sense, not even their own meaning. And we seek for something inordinately that makes us face the reality. We wander around looking for a tuning fork when it can only be found within us. Only with it, we can improve our sound, our music.
We always have to play with the guitar’s strings and in every touch when our ears scream, it doesn’t make sense to be stubborn if we don‘t tune it, no pleasant sound will ever come out of it. If you walk around and  don’t know how to do it. Try to jump high and the moment you put your feet down, the tuning fork with fall out of your pocket. It was there all the time! Perhaps, it was playing  hide and seek with you or it was you who was hiding from it. But don’t think it is over, when we think that the music is already composed, we changed our directions and we see that it's time to restart again.
I am always improving myself. It is tuning the strings that my favorite song can be played.This is the melody of life!
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4 Responses Feb 9, 2012

Perfect analogy.

I tune my violin... every now and then. Most often I pick it up and just hold it. I can not make myself play again.<br />
<br />
It served its purpose in faerie's life. But now isn't the time to tune and play it again. Maybe one day... when I can hear a different melody with it.<br />
Perhaps a guitar...?<br />
Been saying this for over a month now. grrr

You always have such a perfect way with words. You are so lyrical. Excellent. :-)

Ahhh Princess... the true virtuoso of the guitar not only learns how to tune by ear but also how to play with out of tune strings. Play your melody Princess. You'll always have me for an audience.