I Try to Learn From My Mistake...

I try to learn from my mistakes and take those lessons along with me in my life. I love to read all type of books, which I believe betters a person in many ways.
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Good Luck to you Both......... :)<br />
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Could I recommend you a book. I find it nice: <br />
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The Intuitive Body: Discovering the Wisdom of Conscious Embodiment and Aikido (9781583942123): Wendy Palmer<br />
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This is not an ad but I find this book to be one of the best self-help books I have ever read

A smart person Learns from their own mstakes, but NEVER make the same mistake twice.......................<br />
A SMARTER person Lears from someone else's mistakes.................. :)<br />

I don't have any certain book that has helped in any specific ways. I basically just love to read and I read many genres of books. I just think books are interesting and they stimulate the mind. Even if it isn't an educational book, it can help expand vocabulary and even broaden people's opinions on various subjects. My favorite books tend to be Oprah's Book Club books. Usually those books are great!