Epic Fail Whale

ok, so I asked my mum if i can move out, to my aunts mind you, not to some weirdo strangers. She freaked out. I actually couldnt believe it. She sat me down and made me sign this stupid contract while screaming at me that i dont care, that the last 18 months (the main, obvious stages of my depression) was a massive fake, and i wasnt trying hard enough, and that all i wanted to do was suck up to people to get pity from them. I never wanted pity from anyone. She was screaming at me, that i dont care, that i dont care about anyone but myself, she stood over me while she forced me to sign this stupid contract.

This is basically what the contract entails;
1. I will go to bet at 9:30 pm every night
I will wake up at 6:30am Monday to Friday
I will wake up at 7:00am weekends and school holidays

2. I will turn the computer off at 7:30pm every night
I will limit my computer time to a maximum of 2 hours on the weekend and holidays

3. I will attend school everyday (depression and anxiety make this hard, but mum doesnt seem to care)

4. I will go to after school care Monday to Friday (with all the little kids, about kindy to yr. 4)

5. Privileges lost: ipod, mobile phone and house keys. This will be reviewed at the renewal of the contract.

6. I will do all of my homework and all of my assignments to the best of my ability (I have always been doing this)

7. I will dust and tidy the house every Saturday

8. I will help with groceries, clothes washing and any other house duties requested by Mum and Dad from time to time

9. I will dry the dishes every night

I agree to abide by this contract.

This contract will be review in 6 months at the beginning of December.

Welcome to my world. This is why I want to live at my aunts. My aunt is so nice. But alas. I might leave in 2 weeks or something.
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thanks, im going to try again, maybe this time with a bit more forcefullness and straightforwardness. Im not going back to term 3 being in the same house, same school as i am currently at. No way. Even the thought of that sends shudders down my spine.

Wow, I am so sorry to hear that's how your treated! Stay strong, and know that if you want to live with your lovely aunt, you can. You deserve better, and you can think for yourself. I wish you all the best.