Make The Same Mistakes

in relationship i have. i know its broken. i broke it..
its hurt. i made the same mistakes again and again..
i know even know why he still give me chances and why i did it again and again..

i wish i could just leave it behind and start all over again but i cant just giving up.
he gave me one more chance. but he wants me not to call him for a week. as a punishment.
i dont know whether i can or not. do i deserve this or not

and for you that wondering what mistakes i made is that i cant control my mouth , hes older than me i need to realize that
i need to respect him. do i respect him? do he respect me? do i really makes these mistakes?

i dont know.. i just hope he's still be there when im back. and hes my patner at work. ill meet him at work once in a while
and its gonna be hard. what u think???
is it a good idea to keep the distance for a while???
nonazakiyah nonazakiyah
22-25, F
2 Responses Jun 6, 2012

but whats scares me is that when im back hes gone.. <br />
what if that happen??

oh, it's a good idea all right. It would be better if you always keep the distance if you can. punishment? I don't think it is appropriate in love. He isn't your father.