I Took A Huge Step In Improving Myself ~ Inside Is My Testimony~

I worked as a dialysis technician for almost 6 years and I finally threw in the towel but with style ~ I didn't quit but took a leave of absence ...I love the patients but I just couldn't take waking up 4:00 am any longer to walk three long blocks to catch the bus to go to work & returning home at 8:00pm to hear the babysitter yelling at my sons~ I praise God for fasting and praying I have drawn closer to him than I have ever did in my Christian walk~ Some may consider my choice of discontinuance as horrible or crazy ~ Personally I feel free I don't have to worry about receiving a unfair assignment and I don't have to worry about paying the babysitter almost my whole check ( I would pay 100.00 a day and sometimes 800.00 and up bi weekly~ I was so crazed out and depressed but honestly God sent the Holy Spirit to comfort me and have granted me favor through a total stranger and I have joined a business that is awesome and I am so excited that I just have to share this testimony! You can also check it out if you are looking for something better or are tired of your current job~ I just couldn't get over that it just cost 40.00 to join and I have made more than my money back~ I am seriously shouting over here because for 6 long years I would struggle and struggle and it was especially hard because, I have a son with autism and different people didn't want to deal with him and I had to fire baby sitter after baby sitter! Praise God
Ibelieveinmiracles Ibelieveinmiracles
22-25, F
Sep 19, 2012