I Always Try to Do Xsomthing D...

I always try to do xsomthing different that'll help someone out or make someone smile and I feel that changing your attitude torwards other betters yourself in the long run.  I stand for so many things and I feel if i carry out my beliefs I will be doing good in the world.  Which is hgard to find these days.  What can I say I'm like wine I get better with age!
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5 Responses May 17, 2007

I love this, I do not like wine... But I really love the way you said this.. I do same. I could not say it any better

I agree with you, i'm doing the same. But just remember something very important, you cannot please everybody. People always try to keep your down when you're at your best.

You are a great person.

wow,if wine gets better with age,i must be the wine Jesus changed at the wedding feast,81 and still living ,l iving,loving,and learning.AINT LIFE GRAND???

wow said hunny