I Am Going Into the Marne ...

I am going into the Marne Corps, what do you think?
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If it's something you want to do, go for it. Just make sure your ready and your sure it's what you want.

"The Marne Corps" I can see why...

Happy journey and stay strong.

I think if you have to ask an online community for their input into something that's going to take over your entire life, you're probably just using that thing as a way to avoid growing up and making your own decisions, especially if you're going into something as controlling as the military. For the record, if you're going to be a Marine, you should probably learn how to spell it. They take honor very seriously, and it's dishonorable to misspell it (or so my ex-fiance said...he got seriously pissed at me one night for accidentally misspelling it over IM).

Before you decide to join the Marine Corps i think you should consider what you are actually doing. You are signing away your life to another persons hands. Do you really trust that person? do you know that person well? The U.S., just as many other governments have committed many atrocities around the world. Are you ready to kill an innocent person for somebody else? are you ready to support going into somebody's homeland and stripping it of what it once stood for. In the name of globalization, in the name of capitalism, in the name of imperialism? <br />
<br />
Or... Do you have the capability to think for your self? Be a person on his/her own without waiting for orders, being punished, and doing things you would never do as your own person?

I am full of respect and happy for you that you are doing this. We all need courageous individuals to protect us. I trust that you will remain safe, that you are guided to do very well and to be your best.

A Marine huh .......You just keep this in mind It is right to stand for your American Brethren It is a very noble ideal. But when putting your self on the line for a government such as our own is feudalistic. Many American have lost their lives fighting for lies that they were told by the government. Example now Iraq That war has been going on ever since 92 look it up Saddam was the start of it. So take it up till now . Further more take Vietnam for example another needless war that left many Good Americans broken and forgotten. Left on the street's...Even today Vets have a problem with medical attention. Do you want to be a statistic of Good American who where slaughtered by their own government and not by a true American threat.. But I do appreciate that you are a noble individual that would base her life on the line for mine and her own. I will to do the same but not under the thumb of a tyrannical government.

Semper Fi. I believe you education will be priceless.

It will be tough, I'm sure you know. Marines have to do the hardest work with the oldest equipment, but there is a unique prestige, being a Marine. You also be glad later when you can use the VA and such,<br />
I was in the army, but because of the nature of my job, we had marine training at Pendleton and Coronado