The 3 Core Pillars To Mastering Anything

Hey hey everyone :-)

How are you? I hope you're incredibly well.

Like many of you I'm sure I've been on an incredibly tense journey over the last 10 years of self-discovery and self-mastery. I've dedicated my life to serving others and to evoking positive social change.

I've strived to understand what it takes to master something, master anything in life... After countless interviews of successful people I've condensed it down to three things. By 'success' here I certainly don't just mean financial success - that is one of the least important. Success for me means having abundance in every area of my life - high energy and physical agility, abundance of positive and upbuilding emotions, deep and meaningful relationships, a strong sense of purpose in serving others..

Check out this link where I've written about these 3 Core Pillars of Mastery:

Have an awesome day. I've love to hear back. What are you experiences regarding becoming masterful?


changemakers changemakers
26-30, M
Dec 10, 2012