I Caught Myself Looking At Dating Sites

i still am not ready to look for another man yet,there were thousands of men on this site alot of good looking men but really i just cant not just yet. i know that its over for me and my ex we were never ment for each other i thing he knew it before i did because he never held my hand or kissed me , i think that thats the reason i liked him so much at the time because i never was rejected like that by any man in my life and for a while it was fun trying to get him to notice me but now its just gotten old and now i do see that he's really not my type, i mean i could have stayed with him forever if he had just acted like he liked me even just a little , ive gone so long with him being this away that i lost all interest in trying to hug him or kiss him or even touch him it just doesnt feel right and i just want to be free but in away . i wanted it to work because we have a son together but thats ok it just doesnt matter . i love my son so much i want to share my son and my life with a special man , one thats perfect for me and my son . so i just wait heal my heat completely keep myself for the next guy but improve myself so the next man will be winning a prize become the best person i can be ive learned so much from the last guy and dont regret anything i just cant wait for the man that god wants me to be with but this time the man will be all my hearts desire and more.
cutie2christy cutie2christy
36-40, F
Dec 13, 2012