A New Start

Hi this is my first post here, so there is a lot I've done in my life but about a year ago I had a lot of bad things happen all within a month, my gf cheated on me, some of my " friends " stole from me, my family turned on me, I lost my job and had to move back home with my mom, then even my mom kicked me out, the worst part was I have foresight witch means I see things before they happen and had foresight " visions " of all of that before it happened, so I decided to start a new life. So the first thing I did was I went to see my psychic, I had known her since I was 12 it's a long story but I had chosen to turn away from my psychic abilities when I was 12 but I still had her as a friend. Anyway I went to see her because for some reason it was the foresight that bothered me most, more than what had happened. She told me " things happen for reasons to put us in the place we need to be" it made perfect sense to me if all of those things didn't happen maybe I wouldn't have gone to her asking her, what I can learn about it?. She told me the same thing from when I was 12 and had turned away from it, then she did some energy work on me and let me stay the night on her couch witch was much appreciated. The next day I got up and had so much energy idk how else to explain it she then showed me some ways to use the energy and how to recharge myself. She then said " you have to go to ----------" ( I left it blank so people don't know where I live because not everyone is accepting of psychic abilities). It happened to be a real friends house, he helped me to get a job and helped me find a nice apartment right on the lake minutes away from work. After I moved in I told my psychic where I was living and what I was doing and she said " that is where you are meant to be you will grow and learn a lot there" ( I'm going to take a second and say most times when my psychic told me something it wouldn't make sense but in time it does). So I made plans to start working out every day and training in the abilities she had shown me everyday. It was a great place for both, right on the lake in spring and summer. I stayed there for the whole spring and summer working, working out and training. In the fall I decided to visit my family, they could see a change in me I had lost over 100 pounds ( I was a heavy guy), and they said there was a positive energy around me. ( I had also notice they were kinda falling apart without me the house was becoming a bit of a mess, they were arguing a lot between each other but they would calm down when I walked into the room they were in ). They asked me to move back home, so I did and I helped them get things back to normal, I also continued my work outs and training when I moved back home and in the last 10 month I've lost over 200 pounds. So in the last year I've lost over 200 pounds, I've rebuilt my life from step one, I've learned a lot about my psychic abilities, I've done hundreds of healings and I've written a book about how to use these abilities, but I think that's a post for another time because this one is long enough lol

peace to all
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Damn that's one hell of a story the fact that it took all that and you still learned how to control your own abilities that's really something. Hopefully I'm fortunate enough to get my powers under control even though i keep finding new things out almost everyday

Thank you and even I'm learning new things everyday. That is what we do, we grow and learn more everyday. I don't think anyone knows everything. I just like to think I have a good understanding of most things. But I still can learn more and no one is perfect so we all have our own paths to walk.

Thank you for sharing, this shows that no matter how bad things may get or seem there is always guidance and reward when you let go and have faith. Your abilities were always there for you, when you followed your life's purpose it all came together. Wishing you continued success on you path.

Thanks and ya it does, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. We just need to decide witch path we choose to walk.