Up A Gear

I haven't actually set my new year's resolutions in full as yet-I am giving myself some space to do that because it has been so busy over the last few weeks. But I am totally motivated to improve my home and my health. The decluttering has been going on for over a year. But I am really stepping it up now. I take steps everyday when I get home from work to improve my organisation at home which is one of my historical stumbling blocks. I am systematically getting rid of the hoarder tendancies and at the same time building a momentum for myself to get involved with more of the harder stuff that I really don't feel like facing after work, or at the weekends for that matter. The more organised I am (and I have a long way to go!) the more I can make my home a place I enjoy coming home to rather than the DIY project it has been for so many years. I am also working on destressing my life. By that I mean I want to switch off when I leave work. I don't want to chew over things that happened during the day, so I am distracting myself by doing these practical tasks, and focusing on eating well, drinking plenty of good fluids and getting some good quality sleep. I really want to keep up this positive focus in my life because I feel so much better, more positive, more in control, and just plain happier. I am exercising a couple of times a week (that is what is realistic at the moment) and eating really good, low fat, fresh food. Over the next week or so I am going to do some more specific resolutions to get some important goals set for the year to work on myself. Im looking forward to reading everyone's stories and I hope that by posting I can pass on some encouragement to someone else. I may be inching forwards, but looking back, I have come a very, very long way :)
irishair irishair
36-40, F
Jan 20, 2013