Out Of The Storm, Comes Light

As I type these words down, it becomes more and more obvious to me what Life has brought onto my lap.

It hasn't been an easy road as of now, only because I still yearn for the attention of a specific person.

Heh, attention. I didn't get enough of it as a kid, being abused and all by my step-brother, so instead, heh heh... I still strive to get it from someone who has abused me. Not physically nor even.. well, the other one, but emotionally. As much as I could smile to her and pretend everything is okay, that my Heart is as solid as a Rock, it's been actually as fragile as a clay Vase in the Himalayas. 

And it fell. It shattered. 

However, I'm a Pot maker being trained now in the art of Steel (metaphorically speaking, you see).

Through that Heart Break, I've helped offer advice to numerous folks right here on EP. Those that have gone through even WORSE methods of Heart Break.

Hell, I've forgiven an Ex of mine who cheated and really thoroughly screwed me over while I was deployed in Iraq. I mean, that was one hell of a tale what happened through all of that.

There are more things that came out of this storm of emotion I've been feeling, this pain I've been going through but every day, it gets less and less.

What I'm trying to get at is this: I'm not seeking Vengeance or petty Revenge. I can not continue to be angry if I want to improve myself. I can not keep playing the role of 'victim'. 

No matter what happened to me yesterday, two weeks, three months, five years before. I am in control of my own Destiny. My choices today are because of who I am, not because of some event I still have not gotten over so many years past.

Maybe I'll be able to prove myself to myself what I've learned. Maybe something will be different.

No, something will be different. Good different. I'm going to continue moving forward.

Join me. We'll go on together, friend.
LysanderFremont LysanderFremont
26-30, M
Jan 20, 2013