They say people learn from their mistakes. if that wasn't true, we'd all still be wetting our pants and chewing on things that we shouldn't be chewing on. I live for mistakes. I can't wait 'til the next one happens so i can learn more about myself. The older I get, the more interesting I seem to myself. I still get down on myself a lot, but am learning to accept who I am and work on correcting past mistakes :o)
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This is a wonderful attitude to have. The majority of society today is conditioned to be so precise and efficient that only winos, women, and anybody who poses a threat, be they real or conceived can make mistakes. This has proven to be detrimental on many levels. The notion that if a man makes a mistake, no matter how trivial, is a reflection of an intrinsic flaw in his character, more specifically this criticism usually alludes to a chink in his vapid, alpha male ladies man delusions he works so hard to portray as natural. Calling his masculinity into question is enough to blind many men into denying mistakes exist in his world beyond the numerous trivial ones perpetrated by the simple minded "women-folk", which are dismissed with a roll of the eyes and a viciously backhanded comment. <br />
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In short you're just trying to console yourself for your own bird-brained follies. Take my advice, find yourself a nice rich guy and shut up. You just keep your pretty smile and leave your better halves to clean up for your pettiness.

I agree with your thoughts exactly!