I'm Allways Improving My Self

As child I believe somewhere on me said, learn and learn well.The only thing with that is, the more you learn,the more you are held accountable for.At the time I wanted to show myself,how good I could be,and my parents also,now that I am older and I look back,my wanting to improve my self  paid off.Each year I still use the tools I was given as a child.99 percent of the time, I will up date and cut corners but not take away from the quality or the present ion.I'll tell you it's not easy, lots of work and know play.We need a well balanced life and with this I can jump up and down, saying,yes,yes I did it,I did it and I am so,so thankful.


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Knowledge of things is highly valuable to travel in life and that knowledge must be maintained. Knowledge of others is essential to the functioning of our relationships, friendships and feelings to others.<br />
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But the only, true and necessary knowledge is that of self. He who knows himself control the universe and the gods taught a saying of Greek antiquity. It is this knowledge that allows you to "cut corners in a circle" as you say, that really opens paths of friendship, the ways of sharing the tracks in the understanding of other, the trails that opens doors to make us human.

Amen, Trails. Good story. It's nice we can look back and say we did it and yet look forward and say, now what's next Lord,,, <br />
The well balance is what I work on now.

Very well said!