Ya I Use to Be Like That.

always improving myself. i was like that but nowadays im like **** it what's the point and like don't care anymore. idk if the guys i have been with and their attitude has rubbed off on me cause i always thought it would be nice to be that way and just not care or give a **** just do what you feel.


Like that scene in pirates of the carribean when they're on the boat and she is talking about what a good man he could be and what it would be like if he did that..lol but it was sexual...and then he was like talking about how she wants to know what its like to give in to like your own desires without a care or whatever..i like that part of the movie what he says cause that is so true for me when i was younger.


but now that i am somewhat like that it can be bad in the self-discipline department and i use to be so strict on myself too. Once i made a decision i stuck to it. Now its like i don't know who that person is anymore.

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I never liked being lonely, either...but yet, the time I spent alone after my 2nd marriage failed was the best thing for me. I know that sounds contradictory, but it's not.

thanks. that is all ive had lately is time. it has been good and lonely though.

FF, it takes time to heal. Don't be afraid to give yourself the time you need.

lol ya that does sound right. I think I need to be a little less spontaneous and whimsical though..lol i actually have but not by choice its cause i moved recently and do not know anyone here so i guess that is a good thing for right now so i can get my head screwed on straight again.

All we are is dust on a whim.

I think, in the wake of a number of bad experiences or relationships, it can be easy to say, "Oh to hell with it!", and for a period of time, that can actually be a healthy thing to do. <br />
<br />
I think the important thing, over the long haul, is to find that balance between being so "in control" that you never do anything spontaneously, and being so impulsive and whimsical that your life becomes an exercise in disaster management. <br />
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I'm sure you'll find that balance eventually...but perhaps, for now, living a bit more whimsically might be just what the doctor ordered!