MS Cant Get Right

hey all , i always seem to do everyting wrong and trying to prove to others as well as my self i am not a screw up. I am the hardest on myself. I have been told i down myself to much. I just want to do something right, i used to think I was a grea mom but now I feel like a terrible mom. I hate I hv 3 kids 2 dads. Soon to be divorced and in love with a 41 yr old. he ges on me for being to irritable and shorttempered with my children and everyone around me. I try so hard not to be that woman but she seems to end up coming out at least 1 time a day!! I hate her. i just want to be mellow and happy mom and play with my kids I feellike i have to prove to myself more than anyone but am always failing and I hate my self for failing I should be stronger smarter and more able to do things I fail at..AWWW whats wrong with me?

want2behappyME want2behappyME
22-25, F
Feb 22, 2009