I have not been myself for many years I have been whoever other people wanted me to be. So last year I started on self improvement.

I started because i was mildly depressed and i wanted to stop feeling this way and being controlled by people. I sought professional help and as usual was not successful I was just palmed off and told to go somewhere esle for help. I did find a leaflet at university student support with books that you can borrow and read which look at self improvement and open your eyes to what you have been going through. It was the first time I did not feel alone and that actually I found out exactly why I had developed all these coping mechanisms which were destructive to me but had helped me keep going so far.  I keep going again and again and ...

Eventually i had a few more bad days and weeks and got to the point where i needed to do something so I went to a well known bookstore and looked for some self help books I found some helpful ones and kept searching to get a good collection of books to help me find myself and improve me to who I want to be.


I have found lots of helpful books along the way I still have bad days and am still far away from my goal but i am working towards it. I am quite happy to suggest books for people if you would like to ask me. I hope you have liked my story.

Thanks x


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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

I liked your story also, im currently trying to do the same. Im reading alot at the moment, anything i can get my hands on really. Some of the books i dont like but i know there worth reading if one thing in it can help me out. Look for the books and eventually you'll find one. Dont give up and good luck

I like your story. Keep up the good work and I hope you the best on your goal.

Yes, I liked your story, I am looking for innerpeace, and understanding, and ofcourse happiness. Anything you would recommend I would welcome.