I don't know why people are so against breast feeding in public. I get so many dirty looks and complaints it's unbelievable. First I have great breasts, secondly this is a natural thing, feeding my son. Just the other day I was standing in line at the movies and someone came up to us to complain.
You see it's natural and pleasures both of us, now that my son is going through puberty and is growing facial hair it feels even better on my make boob.
People are often closed minded and think of me as a *********. This is hurtful to both me and my son, people need to be more understanding and ask before they spread their hateful comments.
2gnillort 2gnillort
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Love it. LOL

How old is your nursing child?


There is a phrase, "call a TROLL a TROLL," when you see one. You Are A Troll Maximus.