I dislike people who eat lots of junk and are skinner than u
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Everyone's different. They may work out and have a organized regime or they may have high metabolism, accept that and think about how you can be the best you.

Skinny-fat has health problems just like being overweight.

Joint problems, malnutrition, bad posture, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis.

Yup, and I'm actually underweight, due to a not eating disorder thing... And I hate it.
I'm SO JEALOUS of everyone else's muscles.... You all take it for granted!

I've had issues gaining weight my whole life.

I was 6'1 and only 145lbs at 13.
I've put more on over the years but still struggle to break over 175-180.

Back problems, neck problems, bad knees, bad hips, bad posture, bad ankles, bad wrists, one bad shoulder, constant joint pain.

I have to eat over 4-5,000 calories a day just to maintain 170lbs.

If you think spending $30 a day on food for one person is a perk you must have a better job than I do ;)

I'm sorry.

Ha ! Than you DEFIANTLY hate me LOL

I know right??? I look at food or smell it and the pounds just jump on me like fleas. Why???

Hahaha yep un fair