I've been a cigarette smoker over 30 yrs. now...now i've made up my mind to quit, so I'm seeing that's really you have to have a made up mind..all things are possible.
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I'm curious about your story...specifically, why did you decide to quit? And how did you go about it? (cold turkey, nicotine patches, etc)

My dad used to smoke a lot, and hasn't smoke in 15 years. Just believe in yourself!

You can do it!

I smoked over 30 years and knew most of those years that it was bad for me and that I needed to quit. I tried the patch....no go. I tried the gum......no go there either. I went for hipnosis, even acupuncture. No go, no go. Nothing helped me to quit. And the reason for that is very simple; I wasn't ready to quit. No matter what I said, I just wasn't ready. A few months ago I reached a point where I was ready. On June 21 of this year I smoked my last cigarette. I pulled that last draw, snuffed out the butt, blew the smoke from my lungs, and said out loud, "That's it. I am now a former smoker. I quit.". I walked away from it cold turkey and have not looked back.

And all it took was being ready. Good luck to you.

and it's called you have a strong willpower

i quit and so did my girlfriend but she could not stop completely so i gave her some help

I quit smoking and drinking three + months ago. For the smoking I used the patches for about six weeks in declining strength. When I got a craving, I just told myself, "you don't smoke anymore". If you move on quickly, it helps. I still miss the beer. It just seems to go with everything at night :( I haven't cheated once and don't plan to.

Good luck!

Good for you, that's a made up mind.

Good job! You made an impact, you know! This will inspire people who see it! Your also plus one person to boycott cigarettes and drugs!

Been doing that dirty habit for 34 years now - maybe some day for me . Good luck and keep us posted .... You have a lot of support from EP Members.

All things are possible. Good luck :O).

It helps to keep a running daily total of how much money you save!

Not to burst ur bubble but quitting now won't help that much

Well the most of the damage is already done

I do know. it's on the internet. Yes it can repair itself but at that age most of the damage. Well I did thought that until I did some research and I found out that even at that age the body can still recover quite a bit

No one is perfect, its still a;ways good to want to make a change.


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I too smoked for decades. I quit, it was a real struggle before it finally took. And even very long afterward I experience the occasional passing craving.

I do agree with you

So you have experience this too!!! Im new back on site trying to get used to it. Thanks