Life sometimes makes me nervous and sometimes when I go to sleep I pray that I won't wake up. Despite this I push through it, endure my underlying anxiety about living and try to make the most out of my life x
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Don’t just live with blah or negative feelings. Decide that you will fight to have a happier life. Continuing to move forward is what's most important. Be strong!

I do or suicide would have taken me along time!!! I am a happy person but deep down sometimes I want things to come to an end

I have felt this all my life, and that's no exaggeration... Abused through my childhood, bullied at school... Then work... Then got an illness with no cure, loss of my baby, death of my Nan, Dad, then Mum... Every day I wake up and wonder what **** will hit the fan today!
But I go on, I think it is what we are supposed to do... I welcome death when it dose come, been ready for years... But daily anxiety makes life a tough cookie to crack!
I feel your words, well done for feeling the fear and doing it anyway ...
I will ask your Angels to come to you, and bring you a special gift, look out for something good happening real soon x

Live for those who care.
Live for ur self its fair
To laugh to love to dream.
Life is a magical stream
To die without all of the above.
Would be selfish to those who cant live at all.