If you struggle with self-care and see this, stop what you're doing.

- Have you eaten in the last 4ish hours?
- Have you had something to drink today?
- Can you have something, even if just milk or water or cup’o’noodles or toast with something yummy on it, if you haven’t, please?
- If you have any injuries, can you please take care of them for me?
- Also please take any meds if you should and haven’t, yet?

Whatever you have or haven’t done today just know you’re super strong and I am so proud of you!

Okay you can now be on your way~ <3
InhuldibleCrelk InhuldibleCrelk
1 Response Aug 23, 2014

Thank you, I often do, and I just, a few minutes ago, finished a bite to eat. Forced myself to go to the kitchen, get food..

Your well-being and happiness is of utmost importance. You are awesome. Never forget that.