What an unproductive thing it would be to unimprove yourself. What does that even look like?
I suppose it could be like you've built yourself down only to build yourself back up.
Do you ever worry that if you start/continue to improve yourself, somewhere along the road you'll forget how to be the person who wanted the changes in the first place?
Zolaugh Zolaugh
22-25, M
3 Responses Aug 24, 2014

I don't really feel afraid that I'll lose my true self (although I do wonder how I'd be like now if I didn't change in certain ways), but when I was picking myself up from the lowest point in my life so far, i was very worried about losing momentum as the lack of motivation is one of my weakest points.
I'm all for constant personal growth. But I have my fair share of unmotivated days, too. I always try to remind myself that such emotions will pass, and I try to get better at dealing with it and getting out of the rut faster each time.
Hopefully one day I'll achieve an inner peace and true resilience..

This is life , some people improve faster, some slower, some don't improve , decision is in our hands too.

Life events have a way of "building us down." We're constantly evolving.

Building us down? To the contrary, I believe that our experiences help to shape our individuality and therefore build us up. I totally agree that we are always evolving.

I simply used your words "building us down."

Oh hahaha, sorry I wasn't paying attention. I need to write an experience about "blonde moments for non-blonde people"