It took a long time for me to realize this but the first person who will help you live a full and happy life is in the mirror. Until I sought this person out and learned to love them, appreciate who they were and understand all the things that made them special and unique I often felt alone and in need of others to support me or help me. Once I found myself and learned to love who I was and appreciate my uniqueness and my own power, my life changed forever.

I dedicated myself to learning more, becoming more, practicing my skills, using them to improve my life. Now I have the most loyal, supportive friend on the planet in my corner and they will never abandon me.

The next thing I learned was to share myself and help others. By giving to others I received support from them in return. You cannot give without thought because many people are takers and will return nothing. I choose friends thoughtfully. I help friends unconditionally. In return I feel content and happy with my contributions in this life.

And now I look deeper inside then ever before. I see a power, energy, passion for something that has been hidden many years. Chained inside where others cannot see or sense my inner desires strain fiercely at the bonds I have around them. My finger plays lightly with the key to these bonds wondering what would happen if I set them free with the right person in charge. Would I grow in power, strength, happiness, and joy. Or would they lead me to other less pleasant feelings of despair, shame, embarrassment, and unhappiness.

Trembling I approach the lock, key in hand ..........
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Very well put. You deserve a standing ovation! Yayyyy!!!