I try to work out but i cant jog around my block i find it way too embarrassing😩🙊
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26-30, F
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Hey don't be embarrassed, actually you think everyone is looking at you and judging you, but nobody even notices. That's the biggest hurdle on your fitness journey... Getting started! And you will find conquering that embarrassment will give you confidence you can use in other areas of life!

Try running extremely early or after it gets dark and there is less people. That was my way to avoid being embarassed. And you could also look for a place where it is more common to jog, some park maybe, to blend in and not atract any attention.

The more you run the more confident you start to feel about doing it! Just gotta realize everyone else who are probably seeing you jog are too lazy themselves to try and exercise. They most likely admire your motivation to improve yourself.

Watch some inspiring videos , listen to your favorite music while working out or do it with your friends . If you're not eating healthy or drinking enough water you may feel tired . Have you ever try dancing as a workout its fun ! I hope i helped

You have to start somewhere. Even just start walking first. At least you're moving & trying. Good luck

Thank you

& if this is you in your profile, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.