Friendship Is Eternal - Like Exploring Oneself

My dear friends,

To me,  friendship is eternal and permanent solace. I may not see you even in my lifetime - no matter; but you share my joy and sorrow. I believe in mature, holy and sustainable meaningful friendship - sharing and caring. Otherwise, you simply waste your time; may be your leisure time. We can discuss many things frankly, boldly, have enough fun and frolic. But it should be with my true friends who understand me and my emotions. There must be genuineness in friendship gesture.

I would like to have friends who are frank, honest and like to foster and nurture friendship. In short, to some persons to whom I can confide. Talking to a good friend is a healthy sign; it's a stress reliever. In this modern world, we live in myriads of stress and strain and finally burnout. Many people become mental patient. Here friend is a good medicine without any side effect - a complete genuine panacea.

I am a young man of 45 years Indian who invite any like minded person for sharing each others view point on all matters. You can talk to me anything. I am patient listener and empathetic. I provide reasoned suggestions whenever my friends need them which often given them a source of sustenance.

I value human being and make sustainable friendship with like minded persons. I don't believe in shallow friendship, which has got no meaning after all.

So I invite sincere true friend who value sustainable friendship.

I am eagerly waiting to welcome to  my valuable friends. I keep my real name in my profile. Frankly, I don't want to hide  my name here. So everything I need genuine which definitely includes friendship.

I truly believe that without a few genuine friends life has got no meaning.

My slogan :"Life is indeed a celebration amongst genuine friends circle"

With all best wishes and love to my prospective friends circle,



proloy proloy
5 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Thank u very much, my dear friend Celixxia, for ur comments. I look for good friendship with you. If u like pl message me. I treasure friendship:)!!! Once again thanks for ur beautiful comments!!!

Thank you very much, my dear friend Darlene. I too really glad and feel fortunate to find an excellent friend like you. I have noticed that only a very few like minded friends have commented on my real heart-spoken story. You are my true friend and I treasure your friendship. I believe in true friendship and this exactly I received from you. My dear friend, I wish you a very very happy, prosperous and peaceful NEW YEAR 2010. Good Luck, my dear friend Dar and Good Bye:)

I am glad to be part of your circle :-)<br />
We all need a few good friends.

You are a wonderful friend, Proloy :)

Well spoken