Moving Forward

 I filed for divorce after 28 years to a man that is controlling and abuse me verbally. I feel soooo much better! It was so hard to leave, but I was strong and did it. So now I am moving forward and with God on my side and faith HE will take care of me. I am staying with my brother now in another state, but home is just 5 hours away driving time. I will stay with my brother until the first court hearing. After that, the Judge will made him pay for me a place to live until the divorce is final.

I'm moving forward by building my home based business and maybe going to a Community College in my home town. I have been deleting my home based business because of all the stress living with my husband.(soon to be X) I don't dislike him, I pray for him, he could have a better life if he would learn how to forgive. PEACE BE WITH HIM!!!

I'm moving forward by spending more time with my family.(daughters,granddaughters,& parents) Making good friends and cherish the ones I have. I want to do some volunteer work in my town. I want to lose weight and stick to an exercise program. 



taalmo taalmo
Mar 18, 2009