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After Learning to Walk Again

i was laid off due to an car wreck, but this has not kept me from walking - even when the doc, said i would not) i went through and passed with flying colors 4 days of testing by my state to obtain full funding for school which provides job palcement, once there I plan on continuing and onmprovingmy careerstatus, I was just below a Director in my previous corporation, i can do it again.

deleted deleted 26-30 3 Responses Aug 18, 2009

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congrats. i too had struggles, but i now have my dream job, raising my g-kids, i have alot of room to improve, but i am getting the job done, i wish you much further success

I am so happy you are doing better and back on your feet. That is a big deal not only to have an accident but be laid off. Some people do not make it out of that experience but you did. Congratulations.

good luck :)