No Means Next Opportunity !

No is not he end it is the beginning or as I see it the Next Opportunity !what ever it maybe.
don't be held back by one little word instead use it to move on and seek that what you looking for.
Mars2venus Mars2venus
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9 Responses Nov 12, 2007

You rock!!

I agree. I put some reverse psychology in my brain. I have a goal: to get rejected everyday for a long time (maybe a year?). It enables me to just do things I normally wouldn't do. And who knows, what if they say YES? :O

I have failed many more times than I have succeeded, but I never would have had any success if I had given up the first time I failed. There are so many great examples of people who succeeded after a great many failures because they never gave up.

Absolutely.<br />
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Every time I have been turned down for a job or promotion or the couple of times I was fired, there was something much much much better down the road for me.

i want to agree with everyone else. i'm not giving up yet not until there is at least six feet of dirt over me.

I completely agree!

This is so true! Life is too short to cling to what isn't wanted! There are so many other possibilities and opportunities in life to grasp, if we let that happen by "moving on" Just like you said!

Just what i need to read. I felt bad I didnt present well in a business thing, but now i've changed that, and all future contacts will be fine, at least that one error won't happen again.

Absolutely! Use rejection as a tool to positively define your life. Move on and seek what you DO want. Don't remain attached to what you don't want or what is not available to you. Seek happiness and release negativity.