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i found out that im HIV posetive 2005 while pregnant, i disclosed my status after two years to my husband and it was when our son is two years, it took really streanth to disclose my status, now i,m still afraid of intimacy to my husband,i hardly tell him that i love him, not to mention hugging or kissing,and i'm afraid of i made choice to slowly spice up my marriage by telling my husband that i love him, and appreciate the support

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Talk to him and let him know how you feel. Let him know you love him and because of that are afraid of hurting him/getting him effected. If that is how you really feel.<br />
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I keep reminding my husband that I love him and if I didn't love him & care abt him then I wouldn't ger involved in his life. It is because I care that I tell him he needs help. I know it's not the same, but some men just don't get why we do or act the way we do. They think we're going out of our way to hurt them when we are really doing the opposite.