Everyday is a new begining !

I have had a tough life mixed with the roughest and toughest and slept in shabby places used drugs shoplifted did robbery ended up in prison lost my flat

my children and fell out of education, but that has not stopped me from moving on and improving myself. you have to start from somewhere. I am no longer that lost little girl wanting love from any place person or drug i have found a inner strength  that has helped me to grow into a positive strong woman. I don't need to commit crime use drugs i have found a better life for myself and my family. I improve myself everyday, everyday brings something new for me to improve myself i refuse to let anyone or anything keep me down. I have a job and i am studying at university i have come a long long way, i have a different way of living my life in a positive and assertive way without hurting anybody. If i don't improve then i won't grow and i would stay in the same place.  I have improved in my life and with the friends i have, I  have come such a long way and always aim high because i have settled for less in the past. I never dreamed that i would be where i am today Thanks to my higher power, Amen.

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26-30, F
1 Response Feb 8, 2010

What an amazing story, wow. It really shows great character to be able to overcome these things. Society finds it way to easy to point fingers and judge others by their past and mistakes and the thought that always goes through my mind is. If you were in their shoes would you have been able to overcome this and come out better for it. In most cases I would think not. If I had a choice of a person I would want beside me in a disaster to help me get through it it would be someone like you. Because you have already shown the courage, determination and the strength of character to overcome the hell that life can put you through. You have a lot to be proud of, thanks for sharing your story.