Time Traveler

I tried the cures for 10 years. Then I realized I was doing something very wrong, I was looking outside myself and the sunshine of my spirit was INSIDE me. Therefore the cure must be there too. I meditated on this idea for 1 year . THE WORLD was INSIDE me,and I kept saying over and over I AM THE WORLD. The idea started to grow larger,I said to ME , ME if a this is true I have to giveup the idea of the PAST and FUTURE anddeeply concentrate on the NOW of my life, every day, every hour, every minute, every second,every part of a second. Because in every second of my life I both am born and die.So if i am reborn and meet death WHY worry? When your born You are at your BEST so why worry about yesterday's bad feelings IF tomrrow or in a hour you have a CHANCE to be reborn. OR a CHANCE to die. Cells, in your body do this all the time, every split second. BUT IT DOESN'T WORK IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IT DOES, EVERY SECOND. THINK ABOUT THIS.  Depression gets blown away,graduly. No Dr can do this, only you can , you have the spirit of your Maker inside your body, we all carry it daily. This was a ZEN TEACHING for me. Simple and very deep.   

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I love this, and it fits in with something that I just read earlier tonight, which is "It is all within you." Everything you want to accomplish is already within you, you just have to bring it out.<br />
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Thanks you for sharing this - it came at the perfect time :-).<br />
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Brightest blessings,<br />
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