I Was Too Young

All of us try to make usable sense of the good and not-so-good  experiences we had as children.  Many of those experiences went into the making of the people we are today.  

I had always heard that if we feel we were screwed over as kids, if we are under 30, we probably can include our parents, so we can blame them for whatever happened to us.  If we still feel the same way and we are over 30, then we have no one to blame for anything except ourselves.  This puts the responsibility for the happiness in our lives smack in our own laps.

My parents were college educated.  My mother was basically unsupportive, especially when it came to their childrens' school lives. 

I was teased because I was short.  I was ridiculed because I was not a blonde.  I was picked on because I had freckles.  I was ridiculed because I was not strong, but delicate and not athletic.  I  was despised because I was very bright and a top student.  And I was told I was ugly, which was silly, because all those boys who called me names just somehow could never keep their hands off of me, and which has gone on all my life including now .  I just deal with each occurance separately, and don't let it bother me.  Took me many years to incorporate those things into positive, useful parts of me.

My mother's advice-'sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you'.   **sigh**.

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3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Just stay strong and yes i do believe that. I think about the stuff my mom could've done for me but oh well. Only I have the power now that I am 20 to make a change in my life, and so can you! (:

Thank you. I am eerily strong, and that is good.

Moon has both dark and light side, likewise us. I believe that words never kill me they strengthen me in fact..!<br />
<br />
<br />
So keep strong!