The Waves Of Life.. Finding Strength Through Determination, Faith And Hope.


These past few weeks have been so difficult in my world... and I needed to be refreshed today… So i just thought I would share my experience...

I had been going through some serious times that no one, not even family or closest friends knew about. So, I went to the gym this morning and afterwards, decided to take a drive to the Oceanside. I thought to myself, “If I can find some sense of solace, and peace of mind, it has got to be looking and gazing at the wonders of God... The Ocean!” When I arrived, I felt this sense of calm come over me as I started to walk towards the ocean... The waves were high and were slamming against the rocks… I walked closer because I wanted to get close to the water, breath the air and take it all in... of course without really getting wet..LOL... I was so focused on just starring at the birds, smelling the ocean and gazing out as far as I could see.. then Before I knew it, I saw a large wave coming towards the beach area... I started to back away and noticed that the wave was moving quite fast. I remember thinking to myself, “there is no way this wave will come this far up on the beach!” and before I knew it. I couldn’t outrun that wave... I was soaked... all the way to my knees...

I just stood there, not because I was now wet from the knee down, but simply in amazement that I couldn’t outrun what appeared to be a small wave... It was moving so fast! Then it dawned on me... Life is very similar to that wave. One minute your just living life as normal as can be, and when you turn around, you’ve been hit by something very quick and sudden. Sometimes it’s something you cannot even outrun. And when it reaches you, you will get soaked.

The beauty in this is that eventually that same wave will go back into the ocean… you will dry up, and you will forget that just moments ago you were soaked. In that moment, I realized that I’m no different than you. Everyone is going through tough times... both financial, heatlh and personal relationships. I’ve been challenged by my past obstacles; I’ve wanted to give up, time and time again... I’ve experienced heart ache, heart break. I’ve been let down and experienced great loss and sadness...I’ve been in situations just like you, where I thought there was no possible way I could live through this tumultuous situation…. But guess what? It eventually dried up and went away... Even through all of that, I found strength through my faith, determination and hope!

I’m grateful that God used something as small as getting soaked by a wave as a means to show me his glory. I realized that as I was trying to run from that wave, it was eventually going to catch me. And so is life, it happens but we have to learn to accept what comes our way, deal with it, learn from it and become better.. because when you dry off (and you will dry off) there is work to be done! It’s like I told myself today, its time, Monique to get yourself back on track and realize that you can overcome great odds and find strength through your past and obstacles. I believe in you! I believe in your inner most depths to reach down and pull out the potential you have to overcome anything... all that you need exists right inside of you! Now it’s time to live and fullfill all that you were destined to be...

Love you!
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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

Hi there the analogy of the ocean crashing on u has a lot of insight. God shows me so much everyday...we just have to listen! My life is so exhausting to even go thru and I have lost so much..even my health is not great. God is my only focal point! Have a great day!~ Susan