Prayer Of Gratitude

Prayer of a spiritual guide.


Thank you,

Beloved creator,

King of  Kings and Master of the World.

Thank you for the infinite times that you helped me,

supported me, rescued me,

encouraged me, cured me,

guarded over me and made me happy.

Thank you for always being with me,

Thank you for giving me the strength to do good deeds,

and to pray. Thank you for all the times you helped me

and I didn't know how to say thank you.

Thank you for all the loving kindnesses you do for me each moment.

Thank you for every breath I breathe.

And thank you, Hashem, for all the things I don't have, for my periodic difficulties, my occasional setbacks,

and for the times when I don't feel happy, because everything is for my ultimate beneifit, even when I

can't see how it's all for the best.

Deep in my heart, I know that everything that comes my way is the very best for me and desighned especially for me

in precision and exacting divine providence, which only the King of Kings is capable of.

Thank you for the hard times in life, for they enable me to fully appreciate the good times ;

after having been in darkness, one can appreciate the light.

Thank you for the wonderfull life you have given me,

Thank you for every little thing that I have,

for everything comes from you, and from no one else.

Thank you for always listening to my prayers,

Creator of the world, I apologize from the bottom of my heart for all the times that I didn't appreciate what you gave me,

and instead of thanking you, I only complained.

Please, beloved father in Heaven,

promice that you'll never cast me away.


Rabbi Shalom Arush wrote this prayer to lift your soul.

SD22 SD22
Mar 9, 2010