"If you don't like it...change it!" My conscious said to me when i was throwing myself a pity party.  It has been working wonders for me in many many ways!  Now I have to apply it to my diet and exercise.  I just went to the docs today and found out I have high blood pressure.  I am given 3 mos to bring it down or else meds here i come!  gotta start moving more and eating better.  gonna be tough giving up the alky...but i do not like having high bp so i gotta change it!  more big steps!  dang my conscious has made me change a lot in my life...thank goodness!! scared of this new start...scared of failure but ya know what?  maybe i will succeed :) i have been so far yay!

typoquene typoquene
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3 Responses Mar 15, 2010

wicked tough! but true! :)

Be dilligent with taking your medication. Stay away from salty foods and watch your stress level.

i like what u say ''if u dont like it change it'' if the change is for good then it worths doing it