Pain Is A Friend Of Mine !

He never abandons me , seems he likes me , my friend Physical Pain let me made another friend , actually he is one of his acquaintances , but i have doubt that he is someone related to him , well , my friend Physical Pain introduced him to me saying " this is my closest friend , this is Psychological Pain , he will never leave me , he is gonna stay with me for several years may be forever , and i will take him in (absolutely inside my body) " so i welcomed both of them to my body , i am renowned for my hospitality , 8 years passed , and they are still in my body , actually i got bored of them , i want to make a new friend , but they don't wanna leave , and i dont have another place for my new friend , i am afraid if i get him in my body , he might quarrel or fight them , so i should get them out first then my new friend get in , by the way my new friend's name is Cure .
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3 Responses Jul 12, 2010

sad to hear :( but happy to hear that you strong enough to cope up al this pain & sufferings. Don't worry , you ll get better very soon. My prayers are with you... Ya Allah give me smile & stay happy always:))

So, you have physical & psychological pain in you......but, wht they doing in you? how they are bothering you?? let share with us.

I don't know what to make of this .Is it a real pain and emotional pain that you have? Is this a writer trying to express something deeper? If you are not explicit, you cannot get reactions which is the point of this. Whatever is causing physical pain, is it a real problem or one that is created by the mind?Is it self inflicted or not? If the answer to this one is Yes, you need professional help, if not you need a physician's help. It happens, look for psychosomatic illnesses... My friend, speak up.