Ugly Truth About The Friend Zone

As a notorious friend-zoner I always feel bad. Friend zoning is a selfish act that women do to men (men can do to women too) this is also known as having someone on the hook. Generally speaking the friend zoner genuinely cares about you. Just, not in a way that goes beyond: shopping and movie night?!

How to know if you've been friend zoned:
1) This one is a biggy. My Friend-zonees have told me that it seems like I lead them on. And unfortunately I do. If, the person of interest is showing you A LOT of attention, check your surroundings. Is there another guy nearby? If yes, is he attractive? This one is the ultimate way to know that you have been friend zoned.
2) Calls in the middle of the night, crying. If you ever hear us say to YOU that we've sworn off men, or I hate guys they're ALL jerks. RUN FROM US. By saying this to you we have subconsciously decided that you are not a datable and therefore not considered a man.
3)If you hear us say, "Would you date me?" "Am I pretty" "What do you think of my hair today." This, may be misinterpreted as a lead on. It's not. If we liked you we'd pretend to be confident in our appearance and ask our friend-zoned guy friends and or girlfriends these questions. These are questions we ask to get a male's opinion while we go to find our boyfriends for the night.
4) Oh MY GOSH. You'd totally be cute with so and so. This one's actually either or. Mostly, friend zoned
5) You're like my brother. You're my best friend. This is the worst, her saying this doesn't even give you the dignity of being able to leave this one-sided relationship first. Try to get out before this is said. You lose all shred of hope the moment these words leave her lips.

How to avoid being friendzoned

1) don't be toooo nice. I absolutely love the fact that you call me before you go to bed at night to listen to MY DAY. I do. That's why we're such good friends. (rules don't apply if you're already dating. You better friggin call your girlfriend every night)
2) Do NOT GO SHOPPING, once you enter into the does this make my hips look big category she no longer sees you as a human being capable of intercourse. "I love that you go shopping with me, other men wouldn't." By other, she means the man she's going to meet at a bar and screw later. This man you will hear all about tomorrow, because you and her are such.good. friends.
3) Never answer distress calls. We call you because we know you'll answer. We have girlfriends, that's what they're for. If you do answer. (this excludes real emergencies. If her car broke down, or something she needs a mans help for she probably will call the guy she likes.) I mean calls like "And then he made out with BECKY! Can you believe that?!' Taking these phone calls makes you one of the girls.
4) Do not, under any circumstances tell her she's the best girl in the world. That's what our girlfriends do too. Guys were interested in keep US on the hook.

Being friendzoned as a girl is different. It isn't as permanent a status. If you're a girl and a guy friend zones you, put on a sexy red dress, red lipstick high heels and dance with a guy you've been friend zoning.

how to get out of being friend zoned
Well, you really can't. Here are things you can try
Stop answering calls
workout A LOT MORE
do not hangout with her in a group setting
date another girl
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5 Responses Dec 13, 2012

There's nothing wrong with rejecting someone. You have every right to be attracted or unattracted to whomever. However, if someone is attracted to you and you can't reciprocate, perhaps the compassionate thing to do is *not* to be their friend. I'm surprised few people seem to consider this. If you want the benefits of having a friend of the opposite sex, surely you can do this with someone who isn't attracted to you. Generally, prolonged contact just prolongs the recovery process of rejection. If you truly care about the person in you've rejected, then wouldn't the most caring act be to help them get over you by limiting contact?

As for the person rejected, the one in the friend zone, you should respect the wishes of the person rejecting you and not pester them about a relationship. Again, prolonged contact just prolongs the recovery. Wouldn't it be wise to limit contact with this person. You can be civil and polite to them, but limit your contact and in future be more up front with your feelings.

To tell you the truth I don't mind being friendzoned - sometimes It's fun to have a relationship with the opposite sex that is not serious.

I had just ended a three day long conversation with a girl over whatsapp. Thought she was interested in me. Guess what? Hah. Friendzoned. Had (2) and (5) appearing in our conversation. Dang.. But she threw in a couple sexual innuendos so i thought hey... maybe i stand a chance. Watch out dudes!

You are very welcome! I hope this helps : )