What the Hell Is Going On

this is a really long story but will try to cut it short.  This started a year ago when i went to my local shop one tea time for some milk. Usually I would take my 5 yr old daughter with me, but on this occasion her friend was playing so i went on my own, promising to be two mins max.(They weren,t bothered tho as they were busy playing barbies)

Anyway I was the only person in the shop besides the shop keeper who was 6 months pregnant, when 3 men burst in wearing ski masks and carrying guns and proceeded to rob the takings from the till and whatever else they could before making an exit.

As you can imagine, I was scared shitless, I had been pushed out of the way, and a gun pointed in my direction but I wasn,t hurt. I remember putting my hands over my eyes so that i couldnt see them and hoping it be over as soon as possible. All i could think about was my daughter at home.

After they left the shop the pregnant ladies husband appeared and rang the police. I think I was expected to wait while they arrived but just wanted to get home to my kid. I left my mobile number so they could contact me as I knew they would need to.

I wasnt prepared for the way I felt when I walked out of that shop and I have never felt normal since.

Apart from the obvious things such as shaking and I did vomit at the side of the road, I had such an overwhelming fear of these men waiting for me.

Obviously they weren,t but this is how I feel  now all of the time when I go out, even in the daytime. On a bad day I will avoid leaving the house altogether which isnt healthy I know.

They have since been caught but as they were local to the area, word got round that I was the person in the shop and youths hanging round on the park at the back of my house started making gun shot sounds which i ignored and didnt let it bother me.

Until I hear them shouting 'We,re gonna kill you' and then I started to hear it in my house, I taped it on my phone and other people have heard it too. I have tried every trick I can think of to find out who is responsible for this and have got nowhere. the Police cannot do anything til I have been physically hurt which is of no help to me at all.

I feel as if my whole life is being watched and my every word listened to and is one of the most un-nerving things to ever happen to me. The people who have heard it in my house think its down to ghosts, and although I believe in all that stuff I am not convinced for one min, I mean, do ghosts do street talk and know personal info about me??

I live with my little girl and 19 year old son and its getting to him too now, tho he thinks its a ghost too.

'they' say things like we gonna get you when you take your kid to school, we gonna rape you etc etc, as you can imagine I am constantly jumpy and nervous and I absolutely hate being this way... AAARRGGGGHHHH! 

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2 Responses Dec 1, 2006

I understand, it was comforting to read your story.

I guess this is a situation that is all about power. The individuals who are bothering you are doing so because it feeds their sick desires. But they can only control you if you let them. I know that sounds totally silly and uselss if you are feeling desperate and afraid. What you seem to be experiencing is a form of post traumatic stress disorder. And rightfully so. It definately would be a traumatic event for anyone. Living your life in fear gives power to others so that the fear controls your life. Take a self defense course if you can and focus on yourself and your beautiful daughter. Worrying about something that might not happen will only drain your energy.