The Last One Wins


Perhaps not ‘Late’… more like ‘strategically last’. Sometimes I plan to be late, but most of the time it’s a weird kind of self-sabotage where I purposefully allow myself an extra few seconds, or to sit at home for a little while longer doing some mundane task. Then if I miss my bus, it’s almost like it’s not my fault.

If I give more time than is needed to getting prepared for and getting to work, then I wouldn’t have as much free time later.

It’s in the same vein as my habit of taking regular days of to ‘reset’ myself mentally. Sometimes I feel like the repetitive work is stealing away my thought time…so I take a day of work. I just need to make sure I keep up appearances and keep down disappearances, and the ‘reset’ day helps me feel more like myself again.

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4 Responses May 14, 2007

I would love a job at a newspaper, or even a library... but at other times I see the benefits of working here (Free landline, mobile, broadband) and it seems like I'm only here for those reasons. They aren't very good reasons.

i do the same thing ... i'm constantly late. it makes no difference how much time i've given myself to get ready, i will be late because i choose to pause a moment too long for this or that. the kind of things which ultimately mean nothing in the broader scope. i've tried to change this about myself. HA! as if! it's not going to happen ... sorry. i do the same as you, however, i call it "distraction." ugh! i'd recommend you get hired on at a newspaper, preferrably in the newsroom. even if you're just answering phone and delivering mail to begin with it might pan out in the future to be a great move for you!

Hmmm, today my boss joked that I'm going to be fired, and asked me if I was planning to do anything about being late. My simple answer was 'yes' without elaboration...although I still don't know what I'd do, its always at the cusp that I make the 'decision' to allow myself to be late. Definably bad work ethic…bad ethic that I’ve had my whole life. I have such a natural resistance to doing anything I don’t immediately want to that I make bad snap decisions.<br />
And I’m at a loss with this job, its great… but I am not enjoying it all that much. I need to either dull myself to the banality of telemarketing, or find something I can do with passion (Other then writing which is yet to pay out).

Hehe, I miss my bus 3 times a week and therefore has to bike a part of the way to school :P <br />
But I'm still always early to school. haha, so I'm both late and early at the same time :P