Let Down By The Only Ones I Have

Im not sure why people always let me down, maybe im just an easy target or something, all i know is it sucks. Ive been let down all the time, since i was a kid. Everyone is supposed to grow up with a nice loving family, wrong. My dad left me when i was little and my mom got into drugs and also left me. I got stuck raising my little brother, things got good for me when i was around 13, when my mom finally came back. But i was already damaged and became independent that i didnt need to be babied or her help anymore. Ive always had my dog. The one thing thats consistent in my life... She died a month ago at the age of 15 and ive been going through the hardest time. Now that im struggling though, my friends dont even want to see me, my boyfriend has been an ***, and my dad hardly contacts me now too. I thought my friends would be there for me considering id do absolutely anything for them... but i was wrong. They havent been inviting me to hangout anymore and the past 3 days they said they would pick me up to come hang... and they never showed, or texted me. I just had that happen again 45 mins ago... once again they didnt show up and i told my friend that i only had until 1 tonight and now i cant hang.... They texted back that they dont care. Its nice to know that i need my friends and hwen i cant come see them.. they dont care whether they see me or not. It just hurts to be constantly let down. I just wish someday, someone will be here for me... and not leave like all the others do. Now i have no one...
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I know the feeling. Friends are only friends when they want something. Remember this goes both ways, I am mechanically minded. may not be the best in the world but I'll have a go. I get asked to help them quite often, but if they haven't helped me when I've asked I've reminded them of it & sent them on their way. Many have helped since. Good luck & all the best for the future.

When u get sad its easy to only recall the bad points of ur life.. I get depressed and cant think of a reason to be happy but it passes. This time in ur life will pass too. In the meantime u have to choose to be happy..to work hard and make a better life for yourself. And one day when u have ur own family u can cherish and love them and be the parent u should have had for yourself. I hope that u find that true friend to be there in all times-good and bad. Be strong and create ur own happiness. Good luck and god bless. Hakuna matata! Oh and the song by bob marley " 3 little birds" is a good song I like when I'm sad or stressed. :-)

Thank you