Leaf In The Wind

I am the man the colour of  Night
Leaf  in the dream, I go at the drift  of my  dream

I am the tree  budding  in spring
The dew  that  hums  in the baobabs  hollow

Leaf in the wind,  I go at the drift of my dreams

I am the man they  complain of
Because   opposed to formality
The  man they  laugh at
Because opposed to barriers

Leaf  in the wind,I go at the drift  of  my dreams

I am the  man they talk  about
   *OH HIM*
Him  you  cannot hold
He is like the breeze that  touches you  and is  gone

Leaf in the dream, I go at  the  drift of my dreams

I am  the man whose  dreams
Are manifold  as the stars
More murmurous than swarms of  bees
More   smiling than childrens  smile

Leaf in the wind, I go at the drift of my  dreams

I am the man  without  a  penny
I am  a  school dropout with no 

But   still  I will go  at the  drift  of  my   dreams

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kabeee kabeee
18-21, M
Sep 28, 2010