I Breathe

When I am walking, I look in one of three places - the ground if I am shy and insecure, all around me if I am comfortable and observing life around me, or up to the sky if I am needing hope or feeling hopeful.

Walking westward, I can often see the mountains off in the distance, and if the sun is setting with a clear sky above, the orange hues turn to black where the shadow of the mountains are. Off in the distance, there are answers out there, a message to be found, words whispered on the wind, hoping to find their way to my heart. The sky gives me hope for it is infinite in its possibilities. Beyond the clouds is a whole other heaven where my angels and spirits reside, the ones that guide me and protect me. My eyes cross the dome to the east where the sky becomes a dark blue, the stars just coming out. I toss my wishes and dreams toward them, passing my pain to the past. The sky carries all of my hope and wonder, and carries away my pain to infinity. My chin lifts, my chest opens, my lungs breathe in the cool air as my eyes close in quiet comfort knowing that, here, I am understood.
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36-40, F
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Thanks jmo!

Yes, I can understand that....you have pegged me, I like to think that I am a deep thinker, and more reflective =)

Thanks jmo! Sometimes my stories are quite concrete and factual, but other times, stories like this are more simple and abstract. I'm not quite sure philosophical in the true sense of known philosophy....but maybe my own version of philosophy!

Thanks Billy! =)

Thanks Imogen!