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The Sky Is Its Own World In My Eyes....

i love looking up and seeing the different colors the sky produces...from the clouds filled with rain...the lightening...the sunrise....the sunset....rainbows.....the night...the moon and all its beauty...i even have a telescope for star gazing....i look at the craters in the moon and wish i could touch is so beautiful at night...during summer nights...i will throw an air mattress right there in the front yard and me and my kids will lay there and stare at the stars...hoping to see a shooting make a find peace and quiet time also....i thought everyone loved doing this but we are a select sister-in-law and brother and their kids live next door and if they see us doing any night time activity like these...well they think we're say we're looking for UFOs....hey if they shoot across the sky sure it will be a i love looking at the sky...and marvel at the beauty that God creates....i imagine how it would feel to fly among the fly to the planets in our solar is so peaceful...and i could sit there and daydream....or

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Oh, I, too, love the sky .... and the various shapes of clouds passing across it.