Natural Beauty

i love just to stand and stare at the sky especially on a clear day when you can see its true beauty, staring at the sky not only leaves me breathless but it brings a tear to my eye i just wish i could stand and stare forever at the beauty in the world as no one ever really has much time to admire wot beauty we have left in the world and sum people just walk around with there eyes closed. i think everyone should just take a little time to admire the sky each day. my favorite times are when the sunrises and the sunsets when all the natural beauty just blossoms. 

LadyRouge LadyRouge
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

yeah im always looking up at the sky too,and ive been lucky enough to see it from all over the world too,canada may have some amazing sky but nothing can beat the sunset in winter in Arizona im sorry its just so endless

Maybe you should try to go somewhere with truly great views. Im a bit hyperactive and cant stay staring at anything for to long, But canada around whister left me breathless.